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What is Website Conversion Rate Optimization

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What is Website Conversion Rate Optimization

On March 28, 2016, Posted by , In Tips, With Comments Off on What is Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Let’s say that you have a killer website and it is content worthy. It is also effectively leveraged in search engine marketing to bring substantial amount of visitors to the website. So with all these, you expect sales to go high but then you realized that the sales are not quite what you expect them to be. So you wonder why this is so even if you executed every aspect in creating your website with precision. But what numerous businesses overlook is that the website is not optimized for conversion.

Basically, the internet has changed from a lesser use market place to a highly competitive niche in the industry. Thus, reaching to the top of the search engine is hard and at times even impossible. Though paid search is a good option to boost organic traffic but it is hardly used in connection to search engine optimization. So even if there is a perfect integration between the two, you can still get a plateau and at times stray instances.

So, let’s learn about the website conversion rate theory. Essentially, conversion occurs when the visitors goes to your website and performs a predefined action. This action is most often known as a goal. The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who perform the desired goal or action. Websites have various goals and at times more than one goal. The goal depends on the objective of your business. It could be an actual purchase, sign up for a free resource such as a newsletter, webinar or other future promotional offers.

Based on these goals, the website conversion can be categorized into three types such as the information conversion, transformational conversion and also the transactional conversion. The information type is where the visitor finds the information that they are looking for whereas the transformation type is where the visitor subscribes to a free service and the likes and lastly the transaction type is where an actual sale occurs.

Most online businesses are designed to attain transformational and transactional conversion. There are numerous supposed advantages of conversion rate optimization. All of them will only enhance what you are already trying to do with your website.

It makes perfect sense to achieve increased conversion rate. You will be able to maximize your return of investment and you will be able to ensure the worth of every marketing dollar that you spend and there are a lot of reasons to believe so. So basically, conversion optimization is the best way of converting your website into a lucrative endeavor.

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