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Top Questions to Ask to Choose a Cost Effective Web Designer

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Top Questions to Ask to Choose a Cost Effective Web Designer

On March 28, 2016, Posted by , In Tips, With Comments Off on Top Questions to Ask to Choose a Cost Effective Web Designer

Choosing a web designer for your company is just like choosing a tradesman. Basically, you choose someone you can trust and someone who doesn’t make you feel out of pocket.  We have compiled a list of questions that can help you choose the right person to commission to build and design your website. It doesn’t matter whether or not you want an expensive site that features all the interactive application or a simple site, you should expect to still receive a great service.

Here are the top questions that you should be asking your potential web designer:

  1. Do you have any samples of work that I can view and click through?

We noticed that some of the web designer’s sites display works that they have done in the past. But oftentimes, you can not click through them and you cannot feel the efficacy of their works and to find out if there is an ease in navigation. There are hardly any reasons for this except if they haven’t actually created the sit  e themselves and simply taken a screenshot of a website and added this to their portfolio. So, to authenticate if they really did the website you need to make sure that you have access to click through it. The same goes if they created the website but it is not actually good and they don’t want you to see through its ineptitude. Or perhaps, they did create a fantastic looking homepage so that they can add it to their portfolio, but it is just that – just a homepage and there is nothing to show the rest of the site because there is none.

So if you can, make sure that you can click through the site and go to the bottom of the page. Most web designers stipulate in their contract that the website will have a footnote or a signature of their company to indicate that they did create the website. And, if you find this section empty, this should raise a red flag. You should also go through the sample sites and find out if they are real. We have seen numerous fabricated portfolio examples. So it is best to be vigilant and choose a company that offers cost efficient but quality web design services.


  1. Do you offer verified testimonials?

Just like any business that offers products and services, the best way to gauge their ability is through testimonials. This shows that they care about their work and they value their client. Your chosen web designing company should be happy to provide you a contact list of their previous clients since this is the only way that their testimonials can be verified.

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